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strengthen inter-regional professional career network

Monitoring and Evaluation Young and Emerging Evaluators Inter-Regional Career Resource Hub (ME_YEE) is a portal created to support young and emerging evaluators in their career development goals.     



Monitoring and Evaluation activities are essential tools to better understand the importance of integrating vital outputs and impact analysis in the planning stage of any program or project development.


In the same concept, in a  career development project, it is necessary to gather information to calibrate opportunities suitable for having a successful career path.

ME_YEE resources shall present commonly attached and supported organizations' programs, initiatives, and additional resources for the primary components necessary for the completion of any related development.


Our M&E for career resource hub provides better use and understanding to the appropriate and substantial mechanism that maximizes existing resources for potential career opportunities.

Career development and opportunities in M&E field is relatively comprehensive and rewarding.


Career Resource Hub (ME_YEE) is a highly collaborative research hub to provide a range of concepts, findings, links, and ideas.  While existing resource hubs deal with evaluation, this hub shall integrate M&E resources that are commonly attached and supported by relevant organizations. It investigates novel concepts that underlie the complexities of the field.

ME_YEE aims to raise awareness to all job-seeking young and dynamic professionals on career pathways to various institutions and organizations with  increasing demand for  M&E Young and Emerging Evaluators

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