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Existing Virtual Career Resource Hubs

Evaluation Resource (ER) Hubs

Evaluation Career Development Resource (CDR) Hubs

Based on the YEE's conducted study , it reveals that virtual resource hubs which integrate both areas; career development and resource materials related to M&E are nearly absent or hardly found.

Further, there was a website that has been found that has integrated both M&E and Career development areas. This is EVALCAREERS which was established recently in 2020 which exhibits the most components that can be identified as the main components in Evaluation CDR Hubs. This website describes itself as a career website with the aim to support applicants, students and young professionals pursuing a career in M&E through dissemination of information and by promoting opportunities in this sector.

Know more about EVALCAREERS

Generalized Career Development

Resource (CDR) Hubs

The Generalized CDR Hubs are mainly attached to higher educational institutions such as universities, research institutions or institutions. The main purpose of these Generalized CDR Hubs is to provide career guidance to their students/ members. Further, assist them to develop their competencies and soft skills in order to match with the demand of the job market. Therefore, the services of a particular Generalized CDR Hub are free for students and members of respective institutions.


The structure of such Generalized CDR Hubs can be identified under two main components.

a.) A centre where students can physically visit and get the guidance.

b.) A website/ virtual platform where students can access resources and instructions virtually.

The websites and virtual platforms which are being maintained as a part of Generalized CDR Hubs provides free service for their students or members. But up to some extent, anyone interested can visit these virtual platforms and refer relevant resource materials as most of them are open sources. But some functions and services are limited to the members or students who have been registered in these virtual platforms.

List of Generalized Career Development Resource Hubs

M&E Resource (M&ER) Hubs

The basic structure and outline of existing M&ER Hubs are similar to the ER Hubs. But, M&ER Hubs consist of resources which cover evaluation as well as monitoring. The M&ER Hubs are mostly attached to the websites maintained by development organizations as initiatives or supportive components for the projects implemented by respective organizations. The career development component is not available in M&ER Hubs.

Similar to the ER Hubs, these aim to provide support to users to plan, design and conduct better monitoring and evaluations of projects.

List of Existing M&E Resource Hubs

Evaluation Resource Hubs

Based on the literature review of YEE, some resource hubs specifically aim to share resources and knowledge related to ‘Evaluation’ have been identified. The main difference between these ER Hubs and Generalized CDR Hubs is that these are only consisting of resource materials, useful references, and course modules related to evaluation. But ER Hubs do not provide either any career guidance or assistance to develop soft skills/ competencies of the users. The sole purpose of ER Hubs is to support their users to enhance knowledge on evaluation by offering valuable information and resources.

The ER Hubs found by the YEE study are online platforms-maintained  by government ministries, or departments in different countries, universities, and organizations in the development sector. Most ER Hubs are open sources, and they mainly provide guidance on how to plan, design and conduct better project evaluations.

List of Existing Evaluation Resource Hubs

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