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ME_YEE provides handy resource materials, useful references, course modules, and other instructive mechanisms thru M&E Continuous Learning.   These could be useful for planning, designing, and conducting better monitoring and evaluation activities for career development.

ME_YEE then provides link to evaluators to career opportunites websites in different locations, positions or agencies.




Resources on

Career Development 

Resources on Monitoring and Evaluation

Where you can get M&E professional qualifications?


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By Geographic Location

Jobs around the world

Asia, Africa, The Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, Oceana, and South America

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Match your skills and expertise

Job suitable to your skills, expertise, and capabilities

We have

featured MEL jobs in International Development

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Trust your job seeking partner

Network of agencies and  websites for your dream job and employer .

If you are a recruiter and you

are hiring!


EvalCommunity is a great way to list your vacancies and find the best experts.

You can promote your job here!

Be among the first to apply!


In this week's EvalCommunity newsletter, find the Monitoring & Evaluation, Learning, Gender, and Impact Assessment opportunities in International Development and read the events posted on the EvalCommunity Calendar.

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