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Self reflection exercises

This is the primary component in most General Career Development Resource Hubs (GCDRH).  This mainly includes small exercises and guidelines on how to discover the career preference, skills and values of an individual.


It further includes better understanding on career needs and how to focus on a specific career path by doing self-exploring studies.

Job application materials

Job application materials are supporting documents for a job application. It is also considered as an introduction for any employer.

Key components are CV/ Resume Preparation, Cover Letters, Motivation Letters Preparation. Through these documents, job seekers could showcase their credentials, achievements, and basic information. In a CV or Resume some key areas that should be included are; contact information, a clear and direct summary of career goals/inclinations towards the field, list of relevant qualifications, publications, and/or awards and achievements relevant to the field. Highlighting the aspects of experiences that are relevant to the job or specific career is more anticipated.


Different types, formats, and templates of these documents are readily available nowadays through various GCDRH web portals. Toolkits,  tips, video tutorials, and reference guide materials were conceptualized as handy and comprehensible.


Curriculum Vitae

Preparatory activities and
resources for job interviews

This is another major category of GCDRHs. The initial step to successfully pass the nerve-wracking job interviews in order to achieve your dream job is to be ready and have the necessary preparations in place.


The discussions on some preparatory activities to pass job Interviews includes details mainly on; how to prepare for a physical or virtual interview, how to face and behave during an interview, key questions that will be asked during the interview, and other questions relative to work experiences.


Creative videos, tutorials, and mock interview video clips are used to provide knowledge and good understanding to the users.


Useful tips, guidelines, and tutorials on how to successfully pass job interviews thru video-conferencing platforms have become a popular tool recently due to prevailing situations worldwide.

Career resource materials

Career resource materials are immediate reference tools to support competencies and skills development. This may provide substantial guide in career planning through skills gap analysis. These materials were strengthened by professional development tacking methodologies.

These are featured articles, blogs, e-books, tool kits and videos that provides additional information and knowledge to enhance career direction.


Develop your skills and competencies for job

Monitoring and Evaluation is a fast-growing field as a profession, with the increasing demand mostly from the development from development sector, non – profit and commercial organizations across the globe. The area of   M & E includes a broad range   from social sciences to a lotto lot of other fields such as economics, environmental sciences, health and education as this is an integrative field which is not limited into one specific area.

Connecting and Networking

Some websites and online platforms are very valuable sources to enhance knowledge in this field. These websites are maintained by development organizations, professional communities, VOPEs and provide an open space for any interested individual who wish to engage in self-learning and upgrade the related knowledge in M & E.

Coworkers plan work


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