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What are the careers
in M &E field?

Careers in M & E, also can be identified in a broad area which includes different fields and also as an integration of different careers.  Many careers are associated in the areas such as social sciences, international development, policy and legislation, humanity, gender and equity, peace building, public health and community medicine etc. The benefit of a career in M&E is precisely as it is a cross sectoral career, which has a wide applicability across a range of areas of work and study. Thus, there is the opportunity to choose a specific choose specific sector such as education, agriculture, health etc. and become a M & E specialist in that particular area or specialize on a method or tools which are used in evaluation. Also, there is no guaranteed or standard path to this career. More related M&E career opportunities can be found in development sector organizations, academia and research institutions. M&EM& E careers in public sectors are relatively less in number in many countries. But this situation is differed from one country to other and it highly depends on each country’s governing and political structure.

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What are the existing
environment and resources
for M&E?

Monitoring and Evaluation is a fast-growing field as a profession, with the increasing demand mostly from the development from development sector, non – profit and commercial organizations across the globe. The area of   M & E includes a broad range   from social sciences to a lotto lot of other fields such as economics, environmental sciences, health and education as this is an integrative field which is not limited into one specific area.

How to begin a career in
M & E  without prior experiences?

Like any other jobs, there is no guaranteed path to entering and getting a job in the M & E field. There are advantages and disadvantages that could manifest and it depends in certain situations. However, study showed that at the moment there is lack of awareness about the  M & E field among general public especially in young communities. This is prominent in the Asia Pacific region.  Thus, young evaluators in this region have to face common challenges such as limited opportunities for entry level jobs and the requirements of such opportunities are too steep for YEEs. Further, there are limited opportunities to acquire related knowledge and experiences.

Young graduates who wishes to get into the M & E field may consider the following to have a greater chances for professional linkages;

  • Become an active member of a social media community, practice group in M & E[ here are several dedicated groups in LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo].

  • Join with a Youth network dedicated for M & E – EvalYouth Global, EvalYouth, EvalYouth Regional and Country Chapters.

  • Self-study and develop the related knowledge - follow blogs, learn from free virtual courses, participating virtual webinars and workshops - Asia Pacific Winter School for YEEs[2], Peer to Peer Webinars

  • Volunteer to assist experienced evaluators and supporting research and field works as volunteers.

  • Active participation and provide volunteer contribution to local, regional or global level initiatives.

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Resources in Monitoring and Evaluation

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